Defending Molotrop

The skies were torn asunder by storm and lightning as the aliens approached the heavily guarded digging site. The troops of Molotrop had put down a defensive ring all around the Adeptus Mechanicus team.

A mighty Imperator Titan owned the entire battlefield from the center of the line.

Suddenly all hell broke lose as the eldar vehicles came sweeping in from all over. The city guard in the two big imperial habitats lying just before the front were quickly overrun and hacked to smithereens.

Although the attack seemed strong and focused it was but a drop in the ocean compared to the firepower of the Imperator. It opened up with mighty salvoes plasma fire and took out the eldar titan in a single shot.

After this the eldar perished. Their morale bottomed out.

“A fine display Kapitan!”, the head of the adeptus was impressed.


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