Preparing to go to War

Today I had a grand old game of Warhammer 40.000 4th edition. My opponent had borrowed an ork force of me. I played my regular Rust and the Damned.

During the game I had a few quirks as there’s quite a lot of things in the game that I find a bit strange… but as soon as you learn to remember the weird stuff I guess it’ll be ok.

The mission was written by another gamer at our club and it was objectives only. No VP – I like that! Unfortunently we forgot some of the special rules so it was pretty rough.

We saw a lot of real dice magic and I was quite excited to try out a Nurgle greater demon that I’d borrowed. Well to say the least it wasn’t all the great.. Hehe with 3 attacks and initiative 2 even orks seem kind of scary! But it lasted two turns against a stormboyz horde so that’s grand…

The game ended a draw only because there were no VP – lucky me, otherwise I was cremated.. BY ORKS! Phew I gotta rethink some things in that army!

My list was as follows:

Greater Demon of Nurgle
Aspiring Champs (x2, one w/ powerfist and demonic strenght+mutation)
Demon pack (plague bearers x 7),
Demon pack (plague bearers x 7)
Zombies (x18 + icon),
Zombies (x18 + icon),
Tratiors (x6, heavy bolter),
Tratiors (x6 lascannon),
Tratiors (x6 heavy bolter)
Sentinels (x2, autocannons),
Chaos hounds(x5)
Leman Russ (heavy bolter, lascannon),
Defiler (mut hull, indirect)


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