Rogue Trader

Since Rogue Trader is more or less the destination for most of my projects I have compiled a list of threads and topics related to this game. I want to grow this page over the coming years to make it a source of inspiration and shared knowledge.

After Action Reports

A lot of the games I have played have been written up as AARs. Here is a list of reports. 

Tales from Kenwah

These games were played with Martin of While this was not actually my first foray into Rogue Trader, it was without a doubt, Martin who opened my eyes to the narrative small skirmish apocalypse way of playing it. The rules themselves are fairly simple, but Martin had made some cool adoptions, amalgating elements from Warhammer Fantasy and Rogue Trader, as well as including bits and bops from White Dwarf’s. One of the cool aspects of gaming with Martin is his dedication and his expectations: This way we each contributed to the scenarios, by changing who wrote the next installment every time. Hence, Martin would write the first scenario, and I would write the second and so on. 

1: Like a Thief in The Night

This was the first scenario we played. The crazy brothers of Void were introduced along with a weird race of drunk alien reptiles.
2: The Best Revenge is Blood RevengeIn the second scenario here, we me for the first time Juhanni the Cat himself, as Bearruskian mercenaries try to close in and kill him. Luckily he has plenty of guards and a “small” pet to help him. 
3: Scorpio Valley BluesNow we had established quite a few “known guys” in the game. The police were out to arrest the crime lord Juhanni, and had set up a road block. 

4: Side Quest: The Dark WellIn classic narrative fashion we diverged from the main story line, to learn what happened to the Brothers of Void after the first scenario. Here they’re trying to poison the local militia with the psychofarmica “Green Madness”.

5: Tonite there’s gonna be trouble, somewhere in this town!

I did write a scenario for the fifth game. As the title, which is from Thin Lizzy’s jailbreak song, the imprisoned Juhanni were to be rescued by his croonies. But we never managed to play it due to various unforeseen events. Soon after I moved back to Denmark, and our regular gaming was stopped. I have hopes to play the scenario at a later point still, when meeting up with Martin.

In addition to our campaign, Martin and I also co-hosted a Rogue Trader game at Scandinavian Oldhammer Day 2019. The scenario was by me, while all the figures and the terrain was supplied by Martin. 

Random Encounters – Into The Void of Darkness

Coming back to Denmark, I tried to take from what I learned from Martin and use it with my good old gaming friends from back forever (such as Jonas from We decided that a monthly gaming day, playing one long or two shorter scenarios would be the way forward. In so far I have written the two first scenarioes, and… then it all stalled due to the corona pandemic. But I am hoping that others will jump to the fore and write a bit.

The campaign is centered around Eryhtron Mon S’lant. Mon S’lant is an Indiana Jonas type character, with ambitions of making it in the Adeptus administratum. So far things have not really worked out though. 

This scenario sees the introduction of Mon S’lant and his crew as they try to escape the evil Arnst Tot and his dreadful orks with the Okichanga’s golden medallion. 
Having botched getting the Okichanga, Mon S’lant is send to Melnibonea to find the missing adeptus Lhars. Due to the conflict on the planet it is dangerous and the military is too occupied to help out. First Mon S’lant must try to get a shuttle further inland… 

Terrain building

There is a lot of really nice terrain out there today, and plenty of MDF kits to keep you entertained for life… However, to me the best terrain for Rogue Trader is always the “trash bash” type terrain or the type with repurposed toys. For all it’s crudeness it gives me the right feeling.

New Rules and Units

Dramatis Personae


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