Hobbylog: July/August 2022

Here we are again! Stats and hobby… but unlike normally I won’t bother you with all the details.

I did manage to play in 11 games! That was quite a lot. 8 of them were Age of Sigmar where I tried to learn using my Nighthaunt. I still suck at it, but it is OK. I am getting around to the fact that “buying what you like an painting it” is a super bad strategy in this game.

Archi the Chaos dude – this guy can spoil food through walls!

One thing I learned was that Age of Sigmar is NOT a forgiving game… you snooze, you lose! And also, I learned that playing Nighthaunt is not just “point it all in one direction and close your eyes rolling dice”. There is so much going on that the first seven games or so had my head spinning.

This guy will eat anything! Even spoiled food!

I also learned that dealing with big things, is hard… Archaeon and Orruk Mawcrushas (k?) being good examples of this.

To my great luck, I had a few games of Warcry. This was super cool – a really good skirmish game, over in an hour or less, and easily the best GW game I’ve played in a while.

Painting and buying

Towards the end of my vacation I was – apparently – bored and ended up buying a box of Horus Heresy. I have been dancing around that since the very beginning, and was even begifted a box of marines back 9 years ago, but swapped them for Napoleonics, which in turn were swapped for 2nd ed Tyranids. But now! With the new plastic box set and all… I couldn’t hold out any longer.

I really dread assembling plastic models… in fact it is the main reason I still haven’t finished my Titan Legion for Adeptus Titanicus. Soooo much work, and still no paint. But I have assembled almost 40 marines now, and am really hoping to get the rest done before September 18th.

The Sons of Magnus. The 1000 Sons. I thought I might as well try something out of my comfort zone.

I have decided to paint my legion as Thousand Sons. I looked a bit at the Horus Heresy artwork but decided that I wanted hand painted logos instead of transfers. I really like these Mk VI armours, and I think they’re a really nice nod to the old Rogue Trader marines. I am trying my best to NOT paint these like my 2nd ed. So there are no highlights. Only weathering. I also didn’t go for metallic red as is the “norm” for these. Instead I am painting them Mephiston Red and then stippling them with Blood red. The idea is that they’ve made a “battle paint job” over their armour. I am working in small slogans, and graphitti, as well as variations to the exact scheme on each marine. Hopefully it will become a coherent mess.

Oh yeah, and I also painted 51 Nighthaunts… I had a nice idea for the start, but ended up speed painting, so can’t even be arsed to photograph them.

The stats department!

Let us get to the meat… or meat alternative. So my July and August are pretty decent with regards to gaming and painting. Obviously, having to paint an entire Nighthaunt army for a tournament heavily influences these numbers. I intended to write about the project here on the page, but life got in the way – in fact the “writing” column clearly shows this.

As a new idea, I have logged the games I have played with regards to winning and losing. I also calculate the win ratio as a number between 1 (all wins) and -1 (all loss). It is not because I am super competitive, but just for fun. Since it is calculated over all games (irrespective of system) I am going to guess that it will approach 0 as time goes. I have the data for each game, and as such I can see what the W/L ratio is for each game. That might prove interesting at some point.

Despite painting 51 Nighthaunt models I am still in the negative with painting vs. buying. The Horus Heresy starter set made sure of that 🙂 But I don’t regret it at all.

The yearly stats get more interesting as I go along too. Unsurpringsinly Age of Sigmar, 40k and Warhammer Fantasy are the games I spend the most time on. This I probably could have guessed. But the amount of small games I play on the side is a lot higher than I thought it would be. I used to deal heavily in this sort of gaming, but it seems I am keeping it up.

In absolute number my painting has been super slow this year so far. It is reasonable to suggest that moving house, and being without a hobby den for prolonged periods has impacted this. Looking at the number the early part of the year (where I was packing down stuff and so on) until May (moving in) fits snuggly with this. 28ish models a month is probably not unreasonable for me and I might keep that up for the rest of the year.

Absolute numbers for each bimonth

Lastly I looked at the distribution over the year… what do I actually do when? I there any habits to it? Firstly, my gaming is pretty stable – nearly equally distributed between the months. The same goes for hobby time (so assembling, basing, painting and so on) although it took a dip here in July/August.

The clearest trend is the writing… this home page. The downward trend is very clear. I don’t quite know what the reason is, but part of it is that I am mainly entrenched in stuff that isn’t directly related to Old or Middlehammer. For some reason it feels less important to details these mass produced adventures. But maybe I will get back to it. I still think that there is a space for written content, but unlike Goonhammer for instance, who produce copious amounts of written quality content, I am just a single dude on an old laptop.


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