The Road to MidtConGT: Grimghast Reapers

Coming straight off the 40k2ndAC I now have thrown myself into something I never thought would happen… I have signed up for a tournament. In a game I have no experience with. With an army that isn’t even painted!

So far so good…

I have chosen a Nighthaunt army, as this suited a scheme I have been wanted to try out for a long time; namely one based on Skeletor from Masters of The Universe. Back in 2017 I painted a “Skelerelictor” and that sort of was the first iteration for me.

But now we’re going for a full army: Basically, I have just made a list using various interesting models on the Age of Sigmar app. I have no idea whether these guys will play together, or whether this or that unit ought to be substituted for something else. I also don’t really care. I am not going to win the thing anyway, but rather just have fun and connect with people in the local gaming scene.

Here’s the list:


Guardian of Souls 150 pts

Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed 155 pts

Reikenor The Grimhailer 190 pts

Lord Executioner 140 pts


Chainrasps 110 pts

Grimghast Reapers 160 pts

Grimghast Reapers 160 pts

Spirit Hosts 125 pts

Endless Spell:

Shyish Reaper


Mourngul 300 pts


Bladegheist Revenants 175 pts

Craventhrone Guard 115 pts

Glaivewraith Stalkers 105 pts

So far I have all the models except for the Shyish Reaper and the Mourngul, but I am working on getting those too. The Mourngul would make for an awesome conversion/proxy piece I think.

The first unit of the army that I have completed is a unit of 10 Grimghast Reapers:

I haven’t changed much about the models except for a few heads.

The actual painting was super simple: I used an airbrush to lay down the purple (Armypainter Broodmother Purple) and blue (Army Painter Wolf Grey). They got an airbrush highlight with lighter grey (Armypainter Storm Wolf Grey) and then it was onto the regular brushes.

The weapons were painted with VMC Violet Blue, the arms with AP Wolf Grey, and the faces with AP Moon Dust. Then Everything was highlighted by applying AP Arid Earth to the base colour.

The bases were Vallejo Brown Earth paste, Games Workshop Agrellan Earth, drybrushed with first Coat D’Arms Barbarian Leather, then VMC Japanese Uniform and finally VMC Buff. The edges are Coat D’Arms Barbarian Leather. The tufts are from Greenstuff world (winter).

This is the very basic scheme I am going with… It might not look like much but I think the overall impression will be good.

With this first unit down I only need to paint 48 more models… yay!


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