40k2ndACIII Month 5, wave 2

So the 2nd wave of month 5 is now up. It has been a somewhat bumpy ride. We have lost two people now, and another 4 have submitted a “mulligan” this month. All in all not a very good month. It is expected that people tire and naturally, people tend to tire towards the end of something. However, of course this is still 75% of the involved. Which is pretty good.

I only nearly completed this myself… so I feel it.

40k2ndACIII Month 5 – Wave 2

Actually month 5 was supposed to be the “pop culture” round but I must have done a bad job of explaining it, or people didn’t agree with the idea, as only very few have picked up on it.


  1. Well done once again to everyone who made it this month! These are all shaping up to be really nice looking armies, and I hope we get to see some full army shots of each one at the end. 😀



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