2022 January/February Hobby Log

Last year, I started logging my regular games a bit, but it slowly dissipated towards the end of the year. I promised myself that in 2022 I would make the logging a bit more interesting (for me!). My idea was to log my entire hobby output/consumption somehow.

The would include games played, miniatures painted, and money spent (in € ). I guess I could then draw some metrics from this data and see what it looks like… geek alert.

Of course, this mainly serves to show what the hell I am doing for myself. Maybe not really interesting for anyone else. I am making it bimonthly instead of monthyl for the first entry here.

Games played

The start of the year was young (Jan 1st!) when Mark came around to play Warhammer Renaissance for the first time. It was the start of our new campaign.

Then we had a D&D session with all the kids.. phew!

And then it was back to Warhammer! We had the second game of our campaign. Chaos vs. Dwarfs This game saw a Throne of Power in play for the first time around here. Boy that was tough!

We actually managed two games in one session, so the third campaign. Mark brought out his new Norsca force and it got a thorough beating by the Orcs. It made for the third campaign game.

After all this Warhammer, I then went to Vejle where I met up with Ezekiel and Torben to play a game of GrimDark Future. Brilliantly simple and fun. We played Aliens vs. Imperials.

The scheming and plotting of the Imperial Overlords.

Lastly I had a very good game with my new Night Goblin force (with a few Orc allies) against Jonas and his Dwarfs. This was the fourth campaign game, but I haven’t had the time to write it up yet.

Sometimes circumstances are weird, and somehow I ended up reuniting with the group of people (minus a few) that I started this hobby with in the late nineties. The last beatle is missing in the images.

I don’t have their consent to use their pictures, but have taking the liberty of interpretating visually

My last outing in February was going to Aalborg to participate in Tinsoldaten’s hobbyday. There were three games of Chain of Command, and one game of Vietnam. I played in the Chain of Command game that was set in the Far East with Chindits against Japanese. It was great fun and thanks to Jan Boll for hosting.


So… I have not really settled on how to do this. But essentially I will go with “miniatures finished” for this section. I did not actually finish anything! I did get some paint on a number of models though. My Ossiarch Bonereapers were a foray into “oil washing”. So far I am quite pleased with this technique for the Reapers.

I did manage to finish a regiment with a footprint of 20 goblins:

My Night Goblins are derived from many versions of the game. I am not too picky, as I know it is about getting stuff done NOW and not collecting old lead for a future where you don’t even know if you’re still playing this.

I also got quite a bit into my Night Goblin army. It is not at all there yet, but it is getting better. The hope is to field this army already in Copenhagen during March where there is a Warhammer Renassiance event. If that fails, then at the very least I should be able to field it at Bring&Battle II in April.

Current status of the goblin hordes!


So… what did I buy?! Waaaaay too much. But that is probably the lay of the land when you have too little time, and money to spend. Most of the purchases were something I’ve danced around for some time. It started with Azazel – the demon prince that goes so well with my Lobsterette army (Slaanesh). I’ve wanted to get him for some time and now I found it for nothing (missing the claw, which is easily fixed). I also picked up a unit of Kroxigors for the, very slowly, building lizardmen army I have in a box. I basically only need skinks now, to complete it. I finally got Skarsnik also, as I have two Gobblas… you can’t go without a Skarsnik in a Night Goblin army.

Next I got Mantic’s Armada. A naval/space game has been on my radar for a long time, and this was on offer, so I picked it up. I know it isn’t Manowar or even Warhammer but I think it could easily go along with our campaign anyway, and naval battles would be a fun extra dimension to it.

Lastly I bought a bit of Ossiarch Bonereapers. I wanted to go into that for a long time, but haven’t had any reason to. But now I have a job right next to a place where they play Age of Sigmar, and my good friend in Kiel is also digging into it. With an announced price hike in March, I decided now was the time and picked up the Mortisan Tithe-Echelon and a Soulmason. And a small secondhand lot.

A selection of what I purchased


So… I have made a spreadsheet with a lot of detailed information about purchases, time spent hobbying, gaming and so on… and as with all data, to make it useful I have boiled it down to the following charts:

The conclusions are not surprising. I have spent a lot of time playing Warhammer Renaissance, and therefore it naturally becomes (of the games I have paid for at all) the “cheapest” (or money best spent, I guess) per hour. I actually thought Age of Sigmar was my most expensive foray, and in absolute value it is. But given that I have spent quite a few hours painting the miniatures, it actually isn’t as bad as I feared.

My biggest blunder appears to be Armada, as I forgot about it shortly after buying it… Strangely, looking at this chart was kind of motivating for me. Immediately after making it, I spent some time taking out my Armada fleets and starting gluing them together. I really want to get into the game and get some time in. The data is of course a “moment” in my gaming life. I have paid for the Chain of Command rulebook last year, so it appears cheaper. And same goes for a bunch of Japanese infantry. But it still tells me something about whether the cost of my hobby goes towards something relevant or stuff that I do not use. And then I just love stats…

I think I will keep updating this table, so it becomes a yearly total and see what that results in. One of things not included above is the “painted/bought” ratio for each game, but except for Warhammer I don’t think there will be any ratio, but next month I will include this too.

Hobby bingo

The Night Goblin unit has been sitting on my desk nearly painted for the better part of 10 years, so I am going to add that to my hobby bingo tally as finishing a figure that I’ve had unfinished for more than a year.

Well, that’s all for this hobby log folks! Thanks for reading!

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