2021 The Year in review

Another year with SARS II COVID 19 influencing more than anyone on Instagram. Here at c0wabunga towerz that meant that a lot of stuff got painted.

300+ figures were added to the fold in 2021. In all honesty I tried to count the exact number, but I lost count… the image contains a lot of it. But not all – Nagash was painted but never got photographed for instance.

There were quite a few highlights throughout the year but I just want to mention some of the really great experiences that I had:

First and foremost I had tremendous fun engaging with Mark and Jonas in our Khardon Island campaign of Warhammer Renaissance. We ended up playing 10 games, that had a narrative to them, and it was a blast. The final battle was a bit of a dud, but never mind! You can find the reports scattered about the page here.

Next I really enjoyed partaking in my own 2nd edition 40k challenge. Yeah right… But finishing my Blood Skulls army was really awesome for me.

I really I think this online community around it has flourished and I am still enjoying it in it’s 3rd iteration. The games of 2nd ed 40k that the challenge has spawned have also been really great. A highlight of highlights was the 2000 points game I played with Michael Mork, that was turned into a HeroHammer Fanzine battle report.

The Warhammer Renaissance Bring&Battle was also a great day for me. I much enjoyed playing against all the armies that people had brought. 

2022 what is next?

So, what do I have in store for 2022?

Well,  I will be hosting another Bring&Battle in April. Hoping it will be a great day like last. That’s all I care to plan event wise because things probably will still get cancelled.

Let’s do it all again!

Gaming wise I hope to get in roughly a game a week in 2022. I think that would be a nice rate.  It will mainly be 2nd ed 40k and Warhammer Renaissance probably. I also want to try out some new games and revisit some oldies. I have high hopes for Mordheim, Congo, Galactic Heroes, Mars Attacks (Deadzone), Warmaster, Battlefleet Gothic, Cthulhu Rogue Trader, and Dragon Rampant. I’m trying to find a decent set of WWII squad/platoon rules, but so far I haven’t identified any.

The “new” games for 2022… it’s going to happen! Believe me! …

With regards to painting, I am going to aim at finishing a Dragon Rampant force, a Tyranid army (as part of the #40k2ndAC), some Slaanesh Chaos (my old school army) and hopefully some Japanese Imperial Army.  There’s a few terrain projects that I need to sort too, but since we’re moving they might have to wait. I am always hoping to make a massive forest/jungle, I think. It is the most versatile terrain out there. My Turtles collection is growing steadily with the advent of 3d printing aiding it greatly. I hope to make a mash up game (Terminator, TMNT, G.I. Joe, and so on) using the Mars Attacks base rules, but I will need to paint a lot of figures first.

I’ll paint armies of this.. it is going to happen! Maybe!

For this page particularly, I have a lot of unfinished articles. My time with HeroHammer took out a lot of my time for the page and I sort of want to get back to it. I’m also (still) considering doing a few of them as YouTube videos…. but I’m not really sure.

For 2022, I am going to do a monthly log of gaming, painting and buying! I’ve seen others do this and I thought maybe it would be a fun endeavour. I’ll count all figures going into my coffers… irrespective of the whether they were purchased/given/printed. (inspired by Wargamer Eric and Tom Reynolds among others – both in the #40k2ndAC)

I have decided to cut my “engagement” back a bit, so I am not using Facebook for the c0wabunga stuff (other than the automated crossposting if I can make it work). I didn’t start this page to rise to internet fame, but I find that most platforms are almost funnelling you into that sort of thing and end up eating a lot of time.

That’s basically it from here. Thanks for reading a long.

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