2021 October Gaming Log

As a new feature, I thought I’d end every month with a blurp about what I did gaming wise this month. Mainly for my own sake. But perhaps some one out there will find it interesting/fun to read along.

So October has rolled by and what do I have to show for it?

Game 1: 2nd ed 40k – Blood Skulls vs Squats

1,500 points of 2nd ed Squats vs. Chaos Marines. The game ended in a draw.

The first game was against Jonas’ Squats. We played 1,500 points and standard missions. There’s a report here. The game was really good and ended in a draw.

Game 2: 2nd ed 40k – Blood Skulls vs. Imperial Guard

My gaming buddy Petrus Regulus and I managed to meet up for a game of 2nd edition too. Again we went for 1,500 points. The scenery was Regulus’ elaborate trench boards that he made some 10-15 years ago in a different ago. The IG was entirely foot sloggers, and the Chaos army more or less the same. A disastrous turn of shooting saw the IG fail to answer the oncoming waves of CSM, and the game therefore concluded more or less in turn 2. That is sometimes how it goes in 2nd ed. I promised not to document the game here, so this is all I can disclose.

Game 3:

The third game this month was Warhammer Renaissance. 1,500 points of Orcs vs. Mark’s Slayer army. The slayers are a super tough nut to crack, and especially so for the Orcs. There is no way to break them in combat, so you have to chew through each unit to get rid of them… with WS3 S3 Orcs vs. WS4 T4 Dwarfs, that takes some time. It was a close game, and in the end it was a draw. I had botched the terrain somewhat, in that there was way to much of it. Lesson learned. To my satisfaction, my addition of a pair of bolt throwers had the desired effect on the enemy gyrocopters. Muahaha!

Game 4:

The fourth game was a return to 40k. Jonas and the Squats were back. This time ready to take on my Nurgle Force – The Emperor’s Ulcers. We had a great game, that saw me using demon summoning, and failing to use my Nurgle Marines for anything like intended. I had included a nice tank hunting dreadnought, but no tanks turned up! In the end the game was decided in a single close combat, and the whole thing felt more or less like a draw irrespective of what the VP said. There is a battle report here.

Game 5:

In the evening after the fourth game, Mark came around again to let us look a bit a our armies for a gaming day coming up in November. The Orcs took the field again, and this time they were beat proper by Dwarfs I think. I actually can’t recall anymore. Perhaps it was a major draw? It often is with Orcs. All I know is that I didn’t win. That much is sure. I decided to ditch my Ogre regiment after this. They simply are too many points doing no real difference… I’ll re-add the Black Orcs I had originally intended instead. Normally we only play fully painted, but since we were trying to figure out what to get ready, we allowed a bit of unpainting. That’s why my Savage Orcs are see-through! Fresh out of the printer…

Game 6:

Game six was the third fantasy game this month. My Savage Orcs had now been coloured in. I had redesigned the Orcs army and tried to focus on a hammer and anvil kind of approach. It failed miserably, as it should with Orcs. Every cheap trick I had tried was countered by pure circumstance (WS 4 Orcs? Yeah, secret deployment put them in front of WS 5 elites… Uber Black Orc Warboss? Got lost in a pillow fight with Rune Priest T10). Hillariously, the Forest Goblins that I wanted to try out spent the entire game where they deployed, as they failed their animosity test every single turn.

October proved to be a great month for gaming indeed! I am super stoked to get this much gaming in, and as I continue to learn and master the rules (or remaster in some cases), I think the games get better and better. Physical models and real life meeting up really is a strong force and great edge to miniatures gaming over all the other stuff going on these days.


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