Dreadtober Week 1

I joined up for the dreadtober challenge! It is hosted by my fellow gamer M4cr0dutch.

The challenge requires you to paint a single dreadnought sized miniatures during October. Pretty manageable I think.

Normally, I don’t do work in progress stuff here on my page. In fact, I hardly do unit shots or painting stuff anymore. Maybe I should get back to that?

I choose to paint a standard marine dreadnought for my yet unnammed private label space marine chapter (Clandestine Hammers or Sons of Opelius are my working titles)

Progress has been slow but certain. I received the mini in a high gloss red blood angels theme, and put it into the acetone to find the metal mini underneath.

Then I hand undercoated it and so on… started painting.

Managing the pieces while painting is a little troublesome as they components are really heavy and the paint rubs off if I am not careful.

Here is the progress as of today:

Bog standard painting… base colour, army painter wash adn the base colour again.

I use vallejo medium blue and gw khorne red. The highlights are army painter Viking blue, troglodyte blue, and valejo blood red

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