Behold the Might of Ulthuan: WarRen Battle Report

Balder agreed in kind, to let me put his happy mug here on c0wabunga along with his High Elves and Empire troops battling it out. The purpose is two fold – first and foremost I wish to conserve these gems of inspiration that pop up on facebook every now and then, and secondly I think it adds very enjoyable reading to my otherwise monotonous ramblings.

Balder is the guy responsible for concocting Warhammer Renaissance from the various versions of the game that have been made by Games Workshop over the years. You can find much more about Warhammer Renaissance on facebook. (there’s a link below)

But now let’s turn the microphone/keyboard over to Balder, that will detail the glorious battle in which he led his High Elves to fame and glory. I couldn’t help but add some comments below some of the pictures.

Warhammer Renaissance primarily lives here:

Behold the might of Ulthuan

Balder: Here is the deal. I had lost eight battles in a row and thought it was about time to turn the tide. And I knew just the tricks that could do this for me.

Want to know how to make an invincible army? There are two things you must do if you want to be sure to win. First, the cost of your army must fit the agreed points limit exactly.

Tor and I had agreed on a 2000 pts army, so I had to work for hours to make an army which would amount to exactly 2000 pts. But I did it. Halfway to victory. Huzzah. Second, you must come up with names and background stories for your characters. Thus, I made up a new character for the Warhammer Universe, Duke Arion. Now what could possibly go wrong?

The stout soldiers of Averland stood across the field from the High Elves. Ready to take whatever they had.


A griffon on the prowl! Now who doesn’t like that!?


Many years ago, Duke Arion slew his mother and sister in a drug-induced fit of rage. To face trial for this deed was to face certain death, thus Arion fled Ulthuan with his most loyal followers. He now travels The Old World as a mercenary fighting for the highest bidder.

Duke Arion (general), Elven Hero equipped with Lance, Sword of Teclis, Charmed Shield, Dragon Armour, riding the Griffon Lionclaw = 308 pts

The Depraved, 10 Dragon Princes of Caledor carrying the Banner of Ellyrion = 340 pts

Knight-Lord Dywich Tardek, Elven Hero equipped with Lance, Shield, Dragon Armour, riding a Barded Elven Steed = 94 pts

Vassillion, Master Mage using High Magic, equipped with two Dispel Magic Scrolls and the Crimson Amulet, riding Nastragoth the Unicorn = 276 pts

The Forsaken, 6 Shadow Warriors of Nagarythe = 90 pts

The Legion of the Damned, 36 Spearmen with Banner of Legion = 334 pts

The Wasps, 16 Spearmen = 144 pts

2 Tiranoc Chariots with scythed wheels, four crewmen, and two steeds 2×96 = 192 pts. One chariot is led by Master Sardon (green cape) while the other is led by Master Ionyr (white cape).

3 Repeating Bolt Throwers 3×74 = 222 pts

Total 2000 pts


18 Rieksguard foot knights, banner of shielding = 248 pt

Magnus the pious = 200 ptMaster Wizard, armour of tarnus, dispel/destroy scroll = 270 pts

20 Halbardiers, banner of imperial devotion = 140 pt

War wagon= 115 pt12 handgunners = 96 pts

2 × 5 pistoilers = 170 pts

7 Knightly order, knights panther standard, musician and standard upgrade = 237 pts

BSB, warhorse = 95 pts

2 × mortars = 160 pts

Great cannon = 120 pts

Empire hero, pegasus, enchanted shield = 120 pts



Take the centre
Establish a 12” diameter zone with no terrain in the centre of the battlefield. The player with the most regiments of at least five rank-and-file models (including characters) touching the centre of the battlefield at the end of the battle is rewarded the objective.

Sides: The players roll off to choose sides. The player who wins may choose sides or let his opponent do so. The player who did not choose sides has a +1 to the roll for first turn.

Deployment: Each players deploys wihtin 12″ from his table edge and more than 12″ from either short edge. The players deploy in secret on a map.

The battle

Glory glory!!! What a sight!

We play-tested the new 2022 rules. The scenario was Take the Centre. Tor won the roll to chose side and the roll for getting the first turn.

On my left flank my spearmen ran into trouble. They surrounded and outnumbered their enemy. Unfortunately said enemy was unbreakable and had a 2+ armour save (full plate armour, shield, Standard of Shielding + Magnus the Pious). Eventually both spearmen regiments broke and none of them rallied on their first attempt.

Duke Arion murdered the crew of the Empire great cannon thereby exposing himself to the Knights Panther. He had hoped that the knights might fail their terror test, but they did not. He was cast from his saddle and trampled down despite his magic shield.

That’s the sort of luck of the dice that you can expect if you are being too haughty about it ;-D

In the centre things went even worse. My chariots were immobilized by enemy fire and never made it to charge their enemies.

The Empire artillery seemed to be out of luck

On my right flank I faced even more trouble. I tried to in vain to get rid of the Empire War Wagon. I wounded it twice with my bolt throwers but scored only two wounds in total (three wounds would have immobilized it, four would have destroyed it). I cast the spell Hand of Glory upon it, but it succeeded its LD test on 3D6 and charged my knights who failed all their armour saves and broke.

Despite these shortcomings the High Elves managed to kill a major part of the Empire troops suffering only minor casualties themselves. Unfortunately, the Empire captured the objective and thus won by a margin of just a little more than 25 percent.


“It is typical for the games I play against Tor, that they are very close fought. If luck had permitted me to rally my spearmen regiments in the first attempt – for example – I could have contested the objective.

How could I lose when I had taken all possible precautions?

It would seem that I have been cursed by the spirit of Gavin Thorpe.”

Well fought and many thanks to Balder for letting me post his battle report here on my page!!!


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