Wave 1 of 40k2ndACII month 5, and something about GW logos

So…. end of July/beginning of August proved to be a troublesome time for c0wabunga towers. I suffered a debilitating elbow injury, and also had way too much on the plate to keep up with my commitments. Therefore the Army Challenge round 5 was belated.

However NOW wave 1 of the challenge is online HERE!

We are down to 14 this Month, but since it is through a combination of people already finishing, and not having bonus submissions I think it is alright.

Then there is another matter. It was brought to my attention that Games Workshop do not allow the use of ANY of their images or logos on fan sites such as this… and as you may have noticed I have used one or two logos in the past. I never used many original GW images/art, so hopefully I am safe in that area. Also, GW seem to be going back to their old ways of C&D’ing fandriven sites/channels/SoMe lately like in the heydays before Age of Sigmars.

To my luck, my fellow HeroHammerer Ángel has been busy making new logos as essentially we have the same problem in the HeroHammer Fanzine. I hope to be able to use these on the page in the future. Basically every logo will be substituted for something not quite the same, but similar. Of course, this takes off a bit of the old-school happy feeling… but the alternative is shutting down. Going through the backlog changing stuff is a different matter… but essentially images will be changed or deleted.

Hopefully this move will prevent c0wabunga from being forced out of existence by the well meaning mega corp. (Ah well. But a bit of hyperbole goes a long way…) ;-D

All the best!

Viking out!

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