Khardon Island 3d printin’

A few months ago we got our hands on a 3d printer and now it has finally been mastered.

The giants of Marienburg: Marcel, Gert-Jan and Joshua.

I have managed to print these giants and some Dwarf casualties so far. Very happy about the results

Gert-Jan has caught some potential dinner

The casualties and the giants and both for upcoming Khardon Island games.

A pair of successful slayers

The dead Dwarfs are all from Duncan Shadows on myminifactory and the giants are free from EmanG on cults3d

A pile of Dwarf
Cantu Cordula and his trusty necromancer inspects the new recruits


  1. Great stuff. What 3D printer did you go for? It’s something I’m interested in but I haven’t got the time or money (mainly time) to dive into it at the moment. If my regular gaming buddy said he wanted to go for it though…



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