Khardon Island, Game 8

I am playing a narrative campaign with a few Dwarf players (friends) and so far we have had seven battles. This is a brief description of the eight battle. The campaign is described here (always available from the top menu too): Khardon Island

The current map of Khardon Island, as explored by the Dwarf expeditions.

After their deadly encounters in the lair of the spider king, King Belagor’s expedition surfaced once again from the murky tunnels. They found themselves on the western side of Khardon Island. The area around the tunnel exit dead not seem to be stalked by the dead manlings, and indeed most things seemed to be peaceful and quiet. The leader of the expedition decided to sound out a foraging party. This patrol soon returned with the news that a great ship had been spotted on a nearby beach. Evidently, the ship had wrecked and it even more evidently the former crew had made a camp on the beach. The Dwarfs could recognize the flags of the Imperial province Wissenburg on the aft of the wreck. The leader of the Dwarf contingent on this side of the island, Baldur The Brave, decided to try and negotiate with the humans as allies could come in handy. The supposed leader of the men, called Count Sudoku, seemed to be rather eccentric and also to be of the firm belief that the camp was a picnic being hosted by himself. Moreover the Dwarfs realised that the actual leader of the men, was possibly a very capable mage called Zoltar.

As the Dwarfs and men were negotiating terms for a collaborative effort against the island’s other inhabitants the first bloodchilling screams of silence started echoing through the dunes behind the beach. Scores of undead chariots drawn by pure nightmares heralded the coming of the great Mummy, Tut Ankh Amok. Treaty or not, the Dwarfs and men would make a common front. An abandoned light tower on near the beach naturally became the point of contest for the armies as they clashed.


We played 2000 points Warhammer Renaissance and the objective was an old tower stood on a small hill in the centre of the table. The deployment zones were 12” in from the small edges and 12” from the long edge up to the middle of the table, starting from the short edge. The game would last for 5 turns (a 6th turn on 4+, rolled after turn 5). The army currently in possesion of the tower at the end of the game would be awarded the objective (1000 VP).




The brief was pretty simple, and we both knew from previous experience that the first player to get a unit into the tower had a big advantage. Of course, the Dwarfs managed to get the first turn, so probably they would sit on the objective quite soon. In my mind, I had imagined going strong on the flank with my Mummy King and chariots. I hoped to bring my mobile units into ideal flank and rear charges this way, as it seemed like the Thunderers and Hammerers were easy targets for them.

As the Dwarfs were set to get into the tower immediately, I resorted to dirty tricks and magic. A bit of Vanhel’s Dance Maccabre and a unit of Skeleton Warriors were now firmly lodged in the tower.

It really became a very condensed battle with more or less everything converged on a very limited amount of space. The Dwarfs made sour faces as they realised that the Skeletons were now inside the tower.

But now, what was that?! A strange, yet familiar, sound of magic incantation started ringing across the field. Like Had the Undead Priest known what pop music or radios were, this would have given him the same feeling as when you ‘just can’t remember the title of that song playing on the radio there.’

And like the pop music, that you realise much too late you should have just switched off, so did the Undead Priest suddenly remember from his days alive, the words for the mighty crevasse spell. The ground opened beneath a chariot and swallowed it whole like an Ogre with hangovers swallowing a pork roast. It didn’t even care to spit out the bones afterwards.

In a feint, both to themselves and the Dwarfs, a delegation of Skeleton Ogres had opted stand in the way of the huge Slayer regiment coming up the beach. For several rounds the Ogres (Ushapti) stood their ground, making first slow creaking noises as they swung their great clubs, then slow crumbling noises as they started falling apart. The lonely remaining chariot did what it thought was expected, and rammed into the Slayers like a wild and only just recently mended glass heirloom being thrown at a block of lead.

Not giving up without a fight, the smaller unit of Dwarf slayers tried to take the tower. Being – by Dwarven standards at least – highly successful and capable Slayers, they were all killed in the following rounds of combat, without ousting the Skeletons.

From his picnic blanket, count Sudoku drew his sword and directed his troops towards the tower. “We must fight like heroes!”. The troops raised their eyebrows and shrugged, and then looked to Zoltar who indicated, in the way only possible for a wizard of exceptionally wise status, that they better had doit.

The following magic phases were less than kind to the Undead as Zoltar managed to throw a crevasse with total power twice…. first phase it was the bowmen who were decimated, and the next phase two of the last chariots were taken out.

Luckily, Tut Ankh Amok managed to charge and kill of the Iron Breakers before all that magic nonsense. The horsemen going at the Hammerers, on the other hand, were less luckily and quickly had all kinds of important business to attend in other places than right here.

Eventually, like a tide of poor judgement and tardiness, Count Sudoku’s forces arrived at the tower. After a brief scuffle, some throwing of bones, skulls and rocks, the tower was taken and the Dwarf/human army had won the day.


Count Sudoku and his court wizard zoltar and a regiment of newly formed spearmen were the only survivors of the shipwreck. A bad storm had blown Sudoku’s ship away from the rest of his fleet, and they were now stranded on the beaches of this odd island. Sudoku decided that a picnic was I order on the beach while they waited for the rescue party. They had only started unpacking the main course when someone shouted. “Look sir ! A Dwarf army is racing for that tower over there ” Hmm a race could be fun sport, ‘let’s give them a race then,’ Sudoku replied. Suddenly a bunch of skeleton warriors decided to join in on the race. Zoltar used some of his magic to open a few crevasses to even out the odds. After a short fight suduko, zoltar and the men had taken the tower, and the skeleton army was demolished. In the celebrations afterwards they learned that the dwarf hero that was leading the dwarf army, sadly had died a heroic death. A lot of new friends were made this day.


    • Thanks Pete. It was great fun indeed. I think it is my first evening game in a long time. I do struggle a bit staying up that late, but hey – you can’t stay 18 forever. X-D



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