Khardon Island: March I

I am playing a narrative campaign with a few Dwarf players (friends) . This is a brief description of the 1st battle.

In the campaign two Dwarf armies have traveled to Khardon Island to reclaim an ancient Book of Grudges lost by their forefathers in wars long forgotten. The armies have landed two different places on the island and are slowly moving across the map to find out where the Undead forces are located.

The campaign is described here (always available from the top menu too): Khardon Island

March 7th: The Hills Have Dwarfs

King Gorrin chose to send his forces South West. Here they came upon a ruined city and an old Dwarf tower. It soon turned out that the ruins were littered with the skeletal remains of the dead. Walls of corpses started coming out of the ruins and the first test of King Gorrin ensued. He had to take back the Dwarf tower from the Undead. This would serve as a perfect fortication to assist his further advances.

King Gorrin’s scouts found out that it was a foul creature called Cantu Cordula, a Vampire Lord, that stood opposite them. Gorrin ordered his forces to secure a hilltop that would work as a perfect spot to launch an attack from. Through cunning tactical skill he managed to force Cantu Cordula into taking the bait and the armies clashed.

The Undead Deployed first to show that they were unprepared for the Dwarf attack.

Deployment of Cantu Cordula and King Gorrin on the hill

The armies were 2000 pts. The vampires had a Vampire Lord, a Count, a Thrall, 2 Wraiths and a Wight Hero. The battle was fairly equal but the Dwarfs had good luck in dispelling just about every spell the Undead could muster. A major blunder on behalf of the Undead was not using their Vampire Bats to kill off the Battle Standard with a Master Rune of Valaya. This would have been quite a difference most likely. Secondly, the Undead units were too large to go into the tower (max 25 models) which meant that they couldn’t take the tower. As the Undead actually had the first turn, this was quite a strange situation.

The hordes of Undead were almost unending!

The dice gods heavily disfavoured the Vampire on this one. Despite actually managing to get a few Summon Skeletons 2d6 in, they only resulted in 3, 5 or at max 7 skeletons summoned. Bordon Golda (the Count) did not manage to make any difference and going against a regiment of spear armed Warriors with Phalanx banner and King Gorrin with a rune of swiftness, they were quickly dispatched. Lord Cordula made several attempts to strike the Dwarfs in the tower, but the Skeleton Warriors were incapable of making even a slight dent in the Dwarfs without their aid of Magical Banners and combat resolution (both don’t count in buildings).

But King Gorrin managed to get his Warriors inside the watch tower and the Cantu Cordula could not oust the Dwarfs again!

The battle ended 2235-440 in favour of the Dwarfs. Both the Vampire Thrall and the Vampire Count were killed during the battle, while no Dwarf characters (other than slayers) were harmed.

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