Epic ArmyChallenge 2020 July

I am getting a little slow at this… It might coincide with the fact that I just started a 2nd ed 40k challenge too! (here and here for details)

Anyway this month, over at 1st legion, a LOT of armour has been painted:



You don’t want stand in front of those!!! Floyd must be quite the tread-head! 😀 Lovely work as always.

Jonas has veered off the beaten path a bit and got caught in titanic proportions!


Read all about what’s going on over at Deathworld Adventures!

I have managed to take a few photos of my Warlord Ghazghkull and gobsmashas!

You will have to wait for the actual blog post as I am too busy yet.

All the best and peace out! Dr. The Viking!


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