Melnibonean Nuclear Waste Nox Runners

Guardsmen of the 88th Stormbringers try to still an oncoming horde of nox runners that are rampaging the settlement of the north.

The Melnibonean North Pole was used to store vast amounts of fertilizer, toxins, bioactive agents, and radioactive fuel. During the many wars that have ravaged the planet over time and changed its surface this was all but forgotten…

All through time people and creatures kept on living at the North Pole and through the ages the toxic chemicals and radioactive compounds stored there have leaked and changed the denizens.

Mutants and monsters are common sight for those who venture north, but no sight is more common than that of the Nox Runners.

The unit of Nox Runners. Locals often refer to them as ‘rademons’, which is supposedly a short spoken version of radioactive demons

Originally the Nox Runners are assumed to be aliens imported  from Pantangya. At least very similar strains of aliens, known as Geenstieleris, have been recorded on Pantangya. However, these are now all but extinct owing to the fiercesome fighting by The Tyger Force (see Pantangyan Tyger Force)

Alternative angles demonstrating the painting of Nox Runners. 

In current era Melnibonea, the North Pole is the primary source of radioactive fuel and many folk earn a living as radio prospectors, digging after lumps of the stuff.

Occasionally the companies will hire people to go up and eliminate some of the many mutants and roaming monsters. These hired guns often go by the title of “detoxers”.

If things really start getting out of hand, the government has been known to recruit large parties of detoxers and sending them North. .


  1. Love your ideas for an alt WH world, simular to my ideas about using all my RT and 2nd ed stuff. The googly eyes were a great idea and firmly put the ‘monsters’ in a different light compared to official fluff which has not been to my taste as it progressed. Keep it up great work and live your colours for these creatures.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks man! Yeah, I think Rogue Trader was never meant as a single setting. Rather it lends itself well to exploring all kinds of worlds and variations. The gloomy Empire approach sort of overtook the whole 40k setting is just one possible take on it in my view.



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