Kryomek: The Alien Race

Kryomek – the game of 25mm near future sci-fi combat. I am not going to make any claims with these paintjobs. The inspiration is as obvious as the quality is lack luster. But the crew of the Nostromo didn’t venture into space for nothing and I can’t wait to refight the battles of the Aliens films. 

Painting wise I simply did what I do and drybrushed them on a black undercoat with a green greyish Vallejo, dowsed them in purple ink and gave them a quick 2nd drybrush of green grey. Then picekd out the teeth in silver and killed it all with gloss varnish. 


  1. Hi there! It's good to see other folk are picking up these figures to use. The paint job is great! Less is more, but at least they're painted!I'm on a massive Kryomek nostalgia trip at the moment. I've got an eBay haul of Kryomek to deal with (about 120 figures!.. I might need to sell some on to appease the other half). There is another player in the area who has a big collection, so we get some games in, occasionally but fairly regularly. Are you going to use the Kryomek rules for your games? If so, I've been making an app to speed up the process of rolling targetting and damage. The code is on GitHub, here: It's still pretty rough and ready, but it's a little exercise in Javascript and CSS for myself. I hope it'll be awesome some day (maybe with army lists, etc.). Let me know what you think.Also, my opponent is also in the business of creating Kryomek resources – check out her pages here:



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