The Forces of Lord Gloss: Hoogie, Doogie and Loogie the Chaos Ogres

Thank you and welcome to this next installment in my ongoing travels through the Mortal Realms (TM). I have chosen to heavily modify a set of standard Ogres (Ogors?) to make them appear like they are heavily into Nurgle. Truth be told these conversions were actually made in 2004 or there abouts… and at the time it probably made sense as the ogres of Chaos could have the Mark of Nurgle or some such kerfuffle. 

With regards to the painting I really tried to go all Blanchitsu on the dear boys. I hope this is evident. I decreased the palette to a few select colours, and applied them as glazes on top of a zenith undercoat made with black and white sprays. After this I added in more and more VMC off white to gain some pretty steep highlighting going. After that I added the metals, the rust and then a drowning coat of GW sepia. This was followed by a bit of detail work on the buboes – mainly just a yellow wash followed by some purple and tamiya clear red. 

The dear old buboes in all their colourful display. 
The background story for the three stooges here is not set in stone yet but I suspect they form a sort of mercenary pack hiring out their services to whomever is willing to pay in enough rotten flesh and rusty old swords to satisfy their appetite. 
Or maybe they’re on a whole other story… trailing through the realms until they find the garden of Papa Nurgle, joining forces with whomever they meet on their way. I think I like the latter. 
Hoogie – the banner bearer. A beacon of hope, the symbol to which the ogors rally in times of despair. Hoogie sports a nice rotting banner which doubles as a habitat for his maggot farm. 
Doogie has a single eye in the forehead much alike the plaguebearers of Nurgle. This obvious preference by the Lord makes him the natural leader of the trio.

Loogie is a brutish simpleton even by Ogor standards. He favours a club or rather a log, fitted with iron rims to bash out the brains of whatever comes in his way. 
And there we have it. The Forces of Lord Gloss are getting nearer to completion. Listed as always is here the army list with completed units indicated in blood red. I have learned that viewers tuning in via their mobile units won’t register the colours… unfortunately I can’t really do anything about it. 
Lord Gloss The Rageful – Bloodthirster Of Insensate Rage (280)
s’Haggy D’oo – Dragon Ogor Shaggoth (180)
Slambo (80)
Bob The Destroyer – Chaos Lord On Daemonic Mount (140)
Zumzin Frum Aboog – Chaos Sorceror Lord (140)
Arkmett the Terrible – Chaos Chariot (80) -Greatblades
Morten and The Maroudeurs – 10 x Chaos Marauders (60) -Axes – Damned Icon
Despoilers of The True North – 10 x Chaos Warriors (180) -Hand Weapon & Shield
Despoilers of The Geographic North – 10 x Chaos Warriors (180) – Halberds & Shield
Sniksnak’s Murder Bouquet – 10 x Bloodletters (100) – Gore Drenched Icon
Hoogie, Doogie and Loogie – 3 x Chaos Ogres (120)
The Mutts of Doom – 5 x Flesh Hounds (100)
The Angelic Psalm of Gore – 5 x Chaos Knights (200) -Ensorcelled Weapons
s’Teeg, s’Taag and s’Toad – 3 x Dragon Ogors (160) -Ancient Weapons
Total: 2000/2000
Heroes: 5/6    Battlelines: 7 (3+)    Behemoths: 1/4    Artillery: 0/4

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