The Forces of Lord Gloss The Rageful

The Age of Sigmar is upon us!
Or at least… upon me. I have surrendered my hobby to the Games Workshop hobby life (TM) for the time being. Actually I am quite enjoying what appears to be deroute into speed painting realms of modern massive wargaming battles. 
 Lord Gloss The Rageful – his minions always tread warily on Mondays if the weekend has been heavy on mayhem and bloodflow.
Optimistic as ever I have based my endeavours on my present lead mountain. I have loads of old, but not old enough, Games Workshop figures. These figures are also known as ‘middlehammer’ as, historically, they were developed and produced in the period between the ‘old days’ of Rogue Trader in eighties and the ‘new days’ which seems to be quite recently… or somewhere around it. 
Basically the models are among the first multi component plsatic fantasy sets. And while GW was an industry leader at the time, they weren’t as capable as they are now. Many of the figures are clunky and the dimensions are quite frankly completely off.
To me they look a bit like old friends – I started at this point in the hobby and probably have a filter of ‘good old’ put in front of my eyes when I view them.
To get things started I have created a 2000 points armylist. I have decided to take the Stillmania approach and simply say that this 2000 points army is set in stone once it is painted. No new units and no changing… just gaming! And gloss varnish! The list can be split in two groups of 1000 points though. Just for a little flexibility. You can see the entire list at the end of this post. I will mark the units by highlighting them in blood red once they’re done.
Now this shouldn’t be about text and lists and yadayada all of it so let me show you the first two units I have finished for this army. 
First up we have Lord Gloss himself. He is a 10′ something bloodthirster and quite the ronkedor. For the last couple of centuries Gloss and his troops have been huddled up in a castle near the Worldgore Springs in what is considered a ‘nice place to settle’ by Aqshy standards. Since the coming of Sigmars sigmarines, however, Lord Gloss has had to dust of his battle axe and start working out again to keep up. 
The painting style is totally sloppy. I decided this was the only possible way I could ever finish a GW army. So it painstakingly simple to explain: The colours have been blocked in, the whole thing drowned in sepia wash and then a few highlights and a generous tooth brush spatter of brown and black and blood. And lastly a thorough spray of gloss varnish. The red was painted using VMC red, P3 Khador Red Highlight and then GW Sepia wash. Bases are GW Agrallen Earthshade, fixed with PVA, drybrushed with P3 Rucksack Tan and VMC Iraqui Sand.
Now the gloss varnish may put some people off, but I have found that I absolutely adore it! So this goes on these old turds from now on. 
I have been experimenting a bit with adding blood dangles. This is done very simply by glue on a bit of hair and then soaking it in Tamiya Clear Red or equivalent. 
Lord Gloss The Rageful – Bloodthirster Of Insensate Rage (280)
s’Haggy D’oo – Dragon Ogor Shaggoth (180)
Slambo (80)
Bob The Destroyer – Chaos Lord On Daemonic Mount (140)
Zumzin Frum Aboog – Chaos Sorceror Lord (140)
Arkmett the Gibberist – Chaos Chariot (80) -Greatblades
Morten and The Maroudeurs – 10 x Chaos Marauders (60) -Axes – Damned Icon
Despoilers of The True North – 10 x Chaos Warriors (180) -Hand Weapon & Shield
Despoilers of The Geographic North – 10 x Chaos Warriors (180) – Halberds & Shield
Sniksnak’s Murder Bouquet – 10 x Bloodletters (100) – Gore Drenched Icon
Hoogie, Doogie and Loogie – 3 x Chaos Ogres (120)
The Mutts of Doom – 5 x Flesh Hounds (100)
The Angelic Psalm of Gore – 5 x Chaos Knights (200) -Ensorcelled Weapons
s’Teeg, s’Taag and s’Toad – 3 x Dragon Ogors (160) -Ancient Weapons
Total: 2000/2000
Heroes: 5/6    Battlelines: 7 (3+)    Behemoths: 1/4    Artillery: 0/4


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