Zombicide Black Plague: Painting the Zombies

I have recently painted the Black Plague Zombies from Guillotine Games. I was one of the ‘lucky’ individuals who couldn’t resist the kickstarter. 😉

Click on the image to see a larger image.

As there are quite a lot of miniatures in the box(es) I decided to cut all the corners I could. I shall briefly describe my process here:

1) Black undercoat (GW spray).
2) Quick drybrush with various earth shades (Vallejo) to let the details stand out and give the miniatures some basic colour to work with.
3) Light drybrush with green grey (Vallejo). For some reason I find this colour adds a lot of ‘zombie’ to most other colours.
4) Skin painting: Khaki(Vallejo), flesh(Vallejo), skin wash(GW), flesh again(Vallejo), done.
5) Blood spatter and dirt sprinkling. Utilising a tootbrush the miniatures are sprinkled in various (darker) browns (GW inks… from 1999) and a bit of red ink (mix in a bit of brown – red looks too red).
6) Bases. While doing the bases make sure to stain the minis a little too – I add some good sploshes of diluted base-paint here and there to make it look like mud/dirt. I use DIY walll paint.
7) Eyes and teeth – I first paint them black with ink and then add a white dot for the dead eyes. The teeth are picked out in white.
8) Dusting up – The whole miniatures is given a very light drybrush with a sandy colours (Iraqui Sand for instance).
9) Tamiya clear red/smoke for extra blood. I like my zombies bloody and add this here and there ad libitum. Or ad nausea…

That is basically it. In essence this technique simply paints the skin of the miniatures and relies on ‘weathering’ to finish them.

I plan to use the miniatures for both Zombicide but also for Dragon Rampant. My regular enemy plays Dwarves, so I guess the size difference (these figures are close to 32mm) won’t be as much of an issue.



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