Heinrich Kemmler – The Lichemaster

I painted up a necromancer for my new Undead force. I have been dancing around this project for quite some time without getting anywhere. But now finally, after playing a bit of Dragon Rampant, I have the motivation to get my WFRP inspired projects going.

 I have always been more of a fantasy nut than a sci-fi nut. I guess the lack of any good medium range rules were what stopped me. Though normally rules wouldn’t be me of any concern to me, the old Warhammer rules were simply too cumbersome for me. Or something.

Anyway – I took a swing a Heinrich Kemmler in his OOP original sculpt here and with regards to the paint job I guess there’s not much to say. I went for a very conservative black necromancer… I added the Bob Olley cat as an homage to Terry Pratchett. 😉 
Next up I will have to finish a unit or two of skeletons. 

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