Necromunda Outlanders – Snooke’s Scavvie Crew

Necromunda was a great great game when it came out. I cannot count the hours of entertainment it has given me over the years. Suffice to say is that it is the game I keep going back to when things bore me. 

I never bought the scavvies when they were available but I always wanted to. 

Now I’m trying to stitch together a band of scavvies to play in a campaign with Ezekiel, Mørk and Jonas (of

I plan to make another 5 figures for the gang at least. 

This one is Manbat – a conversion meant to portray a flying mutant. The blunderbuss is a bad choice gaming wise but I thought it looked too cool. 


  1. Those are great, Manbat is fab 😀 Im annoyed with myself for not getting some Necromunda figures finished in 2015, it being the 20th anniversary and everything. Im going to get a few painted in 2016.Happy New Year!



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