Alabama Red Rovers

 First unit finished for the Texians. This marks the start of my Texian force. The unit didn’t see much action, granted. But I think it’s rather iconic and a nice inclusion. I didn’t go for the very uniform look that some present them with, but rather just said that they used red coats and white belts (mostly).

I have also added a standard to my Mexican summer uniform unit. The flag didn’t really turn out the way I’d hoped but I think I will try to make a new one and wrinkle it while it is still wet.


  1. i want to buy your figures!!! i am a alamo collector and have a HUGE ALAMO DIORAMA (6' x 6')! Do you know what scale your men are? I am guessing that they are a little larger than 1/32 scale. Let me know a price if you can part with them? or call me at: 817-313-6743



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