Gleeglob – The Dominator of Mars

For years I’ve been building up a force of ‘Spiders from Mars’. The concept of the force is more or less that all the models have to be cheap plastic crap that you get for either the newly arrived Halloween tradition or from toy stores.

The latest addition was the completely ridiculously mega big spider pictured. I call it Gleeglob. It was on sale in Toys’R’Us at half price (£6) and apparently made for the UK market or something. I haven’t been able to find it on the web store.

To give an idea of scale the small spiders are based on the normal infantry flames of war bases while the slightly larger ones are based on 40mm Games Workshop bases.

I have some in-betweeners between Gleeglob and the 40’s but I haven’t really figured out how to base them yet, which is the only thing holding me back.


  1. I love Gleeglob! But then I am from the UK and part of the target demographic! Go with 2mm or 3mm thick MDF bases for the medium spiders, loads of traders on ebay sell them at low prices and if you can't find exactly the size you want they will cut to order on request.



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