Where did time go!? Dinosaur Apocalypse!


I have not been very active lately. I’ve just started on a new work related project and well… it just ate all my time.

Now however, as I don’t have so much time to paint, I’ve started to write a bit. I can bring the computer with me most places unlike the brushes, paints and figures.

The project I’m writing will be a ‘campaign supplement’ for my Dinosaur Apocalypse setting. The idea is to create a simple little booklet with a few pages of background, a set of linked scenarios, some painting guides and some conversion tips.

Hopefully I will also be able to include a set of armylists for different rules sets. I’m not going to tie the setting to a specific sci-fi rules set.

I would love to include a 40k stat armylist too as this is what most people play in Denmark and I think it might be possible without infringing anyone. It will take a bit of renaming though.

Enough with the writing; Here are some images from the project:

 A T-99 Ceratosaur
A M.45 Recon Hadrosaur
 A squad of troopers from the Mole Empire of the Underdark in the Southern Lands
 Combat Brachiosaurus
A supply diplodocus
Ah well… that was all for now!



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