Ork Encampment 1

My Orks needed somewhere to store their gear when they run out of enemies.

Presented here are three tents. I’m planning a few more (mekaniak and runtherd’s snot farm).

I really like the old dioramas that used to feature in Citadel books. They had loads of details and small vignettes happening here and there. I haven’t added actual figures to this (yet) but I think it still tells a story.

I thought the Orks would have found Smaug a truly impressive monster worthy of giving name to a truly impressive bomb.

This one I imagine the Orks have liftet from an Imperial airplane of some sorts.. .the Orks probably haven’t thought about the consequences of having a bomb like that lying around their camp…


The Dok has his own workbench next to one of the tents. Interrogations and surgery is performed ad libitum by the skillful medical examiner aka Dok Wotsdat.




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