Born to Be Wild!

In a fit of I don’t know what I went back to painting some Ork vehicles. Indeed I think I might have to cancel my Zorro efforts and just have a go at the orks. I never really started the Zorro things yet anyway.

I love Orks. Any shape or make. Almost. The GW ones are great, but I find the Marauders of Mantic just as good. I’m not a huge fan of the new style of GW orks, as they’re all very alike, which sort of takes away from the character. I like my orks varied and not so serious.

But mixing in a few of every manufacturer and a good bunch of old orkies will hopefully give the right mix.

I also worked on an old tank that I started years ago. (I think it started it’s life as an Lost and The Damned tank).

Not much to say… failed at decaling the gun barrel, but will give it another go later (or just add battle damage to the one I have put on).

Not much to say about the painting. Quick and dirty… wash and go.


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