Beaten Pulp and Horisont V Gaming Convention in Silkeborg, Denmark

These guys are getting ready for Horisont V where I will use them in my game

I’m going to present a game at the Horisont V convention in Silkeborg Denmark, this 15th to 17th og November. Check out the home page here:

I recently painted a few Pulp pieces for a ‘Pulp Painting Club’ on the lead adventure forum. I’ve already shown Gen. Vogel but his compadres need to be shown as well.

She got spanked. Hard.

Miniature by Ramshackle Games. A freebie if you ever order from them.

Some Indian dude or other. I don’t quite know what to use him for but I love Bob Murch’s work. It’s from the Pulp Figures company he runs.

General Vogel and his tank again in case you forgot.This model is by Pardulon Games and available from their webshop.

Vogel is from Artizan Designs.

Lastly I finished a few characters that have been ‘getting finished’ for ages. The quality of their paint jobs does not match those of the above, but I still think the figures came out OK.


 Usak Densit – Trusty servant of Jones

 Elaine Darrow

 Hansi Unterseer

Notice that I omitted the swastika from the armband of Stahlhelmet. Maybe I will add it later.



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