The Revenge of G.. Mork

I did this Space Ship for my Orks from Yx.

 I was good fun making the thing out of a shampoo bottle, a few lids and some espresso capsules.I hope you can live with the varnish. It comes off a bit glossy in the images. Still might give it a coat of satin. Basically the idea was to make it durable even though it was made from a shampoo bottle.

I went for a subtle military style camouflage pattern as I believe this is more fitting for retro 40k than the pang red business that goes on these days. Of course red is nice and I nearly did paint it red. 

 I’m probably going to add a bit more to it. I’m thinking of an antenna at the rear and some yellow colours to the ‘eyes’ around the hull.

 I’m not really a gamer so I have little idea what I want to use it for in Rogue Trader. I hope Sadomator will have an idea.

 Next I’m probably going to do a dinosaur with orks on it.



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