Åcon 2013

Now this year’s Åcon has been shot in motion: Telene er sat op The tents have been set: Vi har skruet ned for antallet af telte og op for antallet af folk i år. Håber det går! Folk ankommer imorgen. :-X :-\ :-[ 😥 ;D ;D ;D We have turned down the numbers of tents and turned up the number of people this year. Hope it works out! People will arrive tomorrow. :-X :-\ :-[ 😥 ;D ;D ;D VSF bordet er allerede sat op. Det bliver et brag af en omkamp. The VSF table is already up. It will be an explotion of a rematch. Now we played ‘The Nutsackanimals in the Touchyfeely Forest’. The noble goblins had to burn as many houses as possible before the touchy feely animals could stop them Så blev der spillet “Nossedyrene i Bøssenusseskoven”. De ædle goblinger skulle brænde så mange huse af som muligt før bøssenussedyrene fik stoppet dem. Unfortunately the game stopped prematurely because Phoenikuz felt bad about the abrasive violence in the game. And his dwindling winning chances. Desværre stoppede spillet præmaturt fordi Phoenikuz fik det dårligt over at hans små bøssenussevenner døde til højre og venstre, hvorfor hans vinderchancer var minimale. Herioc goblin captain giving orders. Heltemodig goblinkaptajn gi’r ordrer! Touchyfeely animals trying to make a shield wall. Bøssenussedyr forsøger at opstille en shield wall The animals attack, but haven’t thought it through. Dyrene angriber, men har ikke helt tænkt det til ende. The city is left unguarded. Byen efterladt ubevogtet The Shaman transfixes while the Werebat is handing out. Shamanen transfixer mens Werebat slår på tæven So the superhero game is under way! Røvede Bank is being røved. It is up to The Human Bee, Credible Hulk, Elvis and Bruce Lee Bruce Laa to stop the evil mastermind Dr. Brain and his Simians from getting away with it. The Human Bee and Elvis Inside the bank the bell is ringing The simians are trying to take the bank before its tooo late. Outsiden the civilians have fled. Sirens blazing the police crash into the bank Beef hulk Brutallisimo’s interest is peaked by the crash Phew… the game ended well: Bruce Lee Bruce Laa was squashed with a safe: Before After And here are some shots of the VSF game. Fought using IABSM and Sharpe Practice: Next SAGA was on: Finally the great pirate game: This year’s pirate campaign is now under war! Rebellious marines vs. french imposters The Voodoo Queen is defending St. Røvede from intruders. Battle at open sea 10 different crews are involved in the fight. We’re are now in the 3rd game of the day. Here’s a rundown of the story that was told to the players before the Pirate game started. It built on the campaign we had last year. Well, basically what’s happened is that Sir John Glutton has been fired as the leader of the Red Coats after last year’s debacle. Glutton was a lenient and fair leader of the colony, but the crown’s spies didn’t appreciate his affiliations with pirates, natives and weird voodoo creatures. His much heralded birthday party, to which everyone on the islands was invited, was the last straw that broke the back of the mule. Naturally the pirates, natives and weird voodoo creatures of Port Røvede are quite frustrated with the outlook of a new administration in the colony. First and foremost it would mean that they’d all be outlawed and secondly the new red coats would probably be a lot bossier than the old ones. God knows they might even try to uphold law and order! It goes without saying that the new administration must be stopped! The pirates, the natives and the weird voodoo creatures have tried to think about what to do. At first the pirates, the natives and the weird voodoo creatures decided to go on a general strike (the Skeleton Pirates eventually joined in after a brief discussion of the nature of striking, which was voted to be generally evil and mischievous , and thus in keeping with the Grand Skeletal Charter that dictates that Skeletons may only be party to evil and mischievous dealings). However it soon turned out that the Crown cared little for the strike. In fact it seemed to think that it was doing its job all right and that the pirates, the natives and the voodoo creatures (and the skeletons) had simply given up the fight. Thus the pirates, natives and weird voodoo creatures (apart from the skeletons pirates who decided that this was pushing it with regards to the charter) joined a league with Glutton and his red coats. They vowed to assist him in fighting off the Crown’s redcoats and reinstating him as the proper administrator of Port Røvede. So this year you have to choose which side you’re on! Either you fight for Sir John Glutton or against him. OR with the skeleton pirates! We are going to need some more red coats but it is my hope that between us all we will have enough to field a side of red coat gangs. You are all welcome to add extra stuff/terrain to the different islands as well or strange contraptions that you think will lift the game. Rest of the images: The crew of the Black Harlot Royal marines and dwarves battling in the shallow waters. The marines were hampered by a vooodoo spell causing their ship to sails backwards only. Marines defending Fort au Lait where the Royal gold was deposited The treasure cave for the end game. Players trying to sway the will of the games master The captains and 1st officers in the end game Now I’m going to sleep for the next 14 days lol Dread Pirate LeChuck found the blue crystal skull and was thereby elected governor of Ny Røvede! The aftermath: The newcomer Patrick Stewart, the captain formely known as Jean Luc Picard, was defrauded and the ‘Royal Marines’ from ‘England’ that had in fact turned out to be French marines from… France… all sailed back to the land of frog legs and sour wine. Patrick Stewart was put on a raft where he floated adrift for many days until the raft drifted in to what appeared to be the mouth of a cave shaped like a human skull, moving jaws and all. Stewart chose to be a good sport about it all, as surely, a mystical and uncertain destiny had to be awaiting within the cave. One that would lead him back to grandeur, no doubt. LeChuck was installed as governor in Port Røvede and immediately demanded that all jobs, civil and duty, be carried out by skeleton ghosts. He also started building a great mansion on the top of a hill where he’d survey his New Kingdom (as he put it). The pirates, the voodoo Queen and Sir Glutton held a secret meeting, after the debacle, at which they discussed the possibilities of circumventing the blood oath that had been taken upon the finding of the blue crystal skull. The voodoo Queen felt fairly certain that evil spirits would be hammering down on their skulls the minute they tried to refuse LeChuck his governorship. This was a pickle. It was determined that Sir Glutton would uphold a facade, to the Crown of England, of being in charge. It would simply be too much of a fuzz if the old king heard about all this. The pirates, the Voodoo Queen and Sir Glutton then hid themselves on one of the outer most islands of Ny Røvede (featuring an imposing cliff carved like a human skull – moving jaws and all – which, as everyone knew, was to be avoided at all cost due to the precious amounts of almost certain death contained therein). Here they will build up strenght and make ready to retake the colony from the hands of Dread Pirate LeChuck (TM) To be continued…


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