A bit further down the road

I’m participating in a challenge on Lead Adventure to fill an IKEA box with a game… complete with miniatures and terrain.

My project is going to be based on Scavenge, Skirmish and Survive by miniatureMOJO and will be inspired by The Road by Cormac Mccarthy (American author).

Here are the first painted dolls for the project:

The black background didn’t work out half as well as I’d hoped as the images look overexposed (the snow at least)… but I don’t really know how to do it proper. Either I get the snow correct and the miniatures dark as hell (white background) or the snow shining like I don’t know what and the miniaures looking just fine. Oh well…

The progress and ideas for my project can also be seen here:

And the basic challenge thread here:


  1. These are nice figures and well painted. About the photography issue. Is there a way you can add depth of colour to the snow? Give it some greys and some blues to break up all that white? Maybe add a small rock or two jutting up from the snow? Then maybe photograph it against an infinity blue background.



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