More Trolls

This time a couple of trolls from Mithrill Minitaures

 I bought a lot of these during the 90’es and I still like them a lot. I think in a way that Peter Jackson has taken over Lord of The Rings and that other views of what Gondor, Rohan and Mordor troops might look like are squashed beneath the awesome marketing machine that is Hollywood.

So the Hobbit got me thinking that the trolls (Bill, Bert and Tom) just looked utterly wrong to me. The dwarves even more so. In essence I think I want to start using regular fantasy figures to play my games of Lord of The RIngs or Middle Earth games.


  1. You're spot on with this. I don't like the GW figures as they don't represent what the characters in the book were for me. And handsome dwarves? Pfft, that's just girly.Nice work here.



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