(Star Wars)^-1

15mm is turning out to be quite the treat for me. I’m really getting stuff finished and the size og games I want to play are just no issue in 15mm. (roughly 30-40 figures a side). In 28mm I would be months finishing what I finish in no time for 15mm. But well, OK, it is not the same, but I rather like it so far.

 Here are the Yewoks for my inverse Star Wars project (in collaboration with Dr. Zombie). Despicable small devilish teddy bears ready to wreak havoc on enemy walkers.

 And the Yetis here are fighting alongside the Yewoks in the battle against the Empire of Evil.

They even have terror birds to aid them

Nothing much to say about paint or rules yet. I intend to use Fireteam Andromeda which my friend Kasse wrote (go see his blog here: scatterbrainedwargamer.blogspot.com or terminusnebula.blogspot.com



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