Final test of the gaming mat

 With a little help I got my gaming mat tested today. I hasn’t warped the slightest bit and apart from the obvious parts where the texture of the sacking cloth shows through…

 Next time I will try a different more finely knitted kind of cloth. But on the whole I’m very very pleased by this experiment!!!

 The next mat will probably be a greyish endeavour as a mate and I have just decided that we want to make a lunar scape for diverse sci-fi gaming.

 A mat with a sea front will also be made I think, so I can do something like a sea raid with my Saxons and Vikings.

Here are the two helpers I had for the game. (I’ve got 4 in total but the little ones aren’t any help at

By the way Aragorn bought the farm and Legolas legged it.


  1. Greate looking game Torbjörn. tThe gaming mat look realy good!!! might have to try that technique my self, and make me a winter gaming mat for the Baltic Crusades.Seems that you have two realy good helper ther to, nice that you try to spread our hobby to the new generation. I try to do my part to and had a medieval game setup last weekend where my 9 year daughter and the 3.5 year son participated. David mostly rolled the dice but Sophia got realy caught up by the game and led her Crusaders to Victory, and I didn´t even play nice…. She have asked to play more:)Have a nice weekend !Best regards Michael



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