For a Few Galactic Credits More!

A remote store house on a lone planet in the outskirts of the Fnafnyfnah System has been employed to shift tonnes CaZrAl9O15(BO3) ‘Painite’, which is used as a powerful Chakra opener in fortune telling and IRS circles.

A gang of renegade robots constituted of veterans of the Robot Wars and dissidents from beyond the Robot quarantine zone has been hired by Commander Algol to raid the store house, while the Commander’s own forces raid a settlement not far from it to lure away the Space Police.

Unknown to Algol, Carl Blixt has infiltrated his group and is going to make sure that the skin operation goes awry and has no witnesses among Algol’s men.

After this Blixt now has to race back to the store house where fellow ISF member Werner Blitz is waiting and together with a few local miners they will give the Commander and his Robot renegades a fight till death.


Scenario 1: The Skin Operation


Captain  Carl Blixt


Camouflaged as a Protectorate Traitor
Weapon: Galactic Blaster gun and Electro Sword

Motivation: Justice!

Protectorate Leader:



Weapon: Galacto Blaster

Protectorate Guard:


Weapon: Galacto Blaster or Rifle


No skills

Weapons: Mixed guns and blunts objects


Before starting the game, the Carl Blixt player nominates one of the guards to be Carl Blixt.

A small mining operation with storage house is set up in the middle of the table.

The nominated figure is set up with the other guard by the Guard player and is treated as a normal guard (stats and all) until he is revealed. Other than the Leader all Protectorate are controlled by the GM/game and their motivation is to succesfully make a raid, sounding the alarm, so that the Space Police will relocate to the wrong store house wasting their time.

Once Blixt decides to fire his ploy will be revealed. Place the minaiture on board instead of one of the Guards.
The Game:

The players take it in turns to control the regular Guard until Blixt is revealing upon which the
regular guard will be controlled by the ‘game’ acting as they should according to their motivation which initially is to raid the store house and sound the alarm inside the complex if no civilian does it.

Once Blixt is revealed their motivation changes to alarming Commander Algol that they have been double crossed. There’s a communication device inside the the store house, which the Guard will think of on a succesfull Perception roll. Otherwise they will try to run off the board for their speeders and head back to warn Algol.

Blixt must try to take out as many Guard as possible or at least escape to assist Werner Blitz in the next scenario.

 Revealing Blixt:
The guard that is really Blixt is exchanged with the Blixt figure. This can happen at any point during the game when the Blixt player deems it favourable. 

 Overview of the board for game one. A small mining community.

 Innocent miners are on their way to work when the ethnic space criminals of Commander Algol fall upon them.

 Luckily the civilians have a sort of guard set up..

The Space Criminals are not afraid… in the least. 
 Until Carl Blixt sheds his black clothing and reveals himself!!!
 The leader of the Space Criminals is quick to rush into shoot out range with Blixt.
Uiuiuiuuuuuuu Mwaw mwaw mwaaaaw

Needles to say Blixt dispatches the Space Criminals quicker than their shadows can move! He is on to the next scenario!



Scenario 2: Robbery at High Noon

After Carl Blixt’s successful foiling  of the skin operation he hurried back to the other store house and Werner Blitz who had been holding the premises.

Commander Algol thinks that everything is dandy and goes ahead with his plans to attack the storage. What he doesn’t know is, that the storage is still very much defended and that no one has left for the other store house.

Apart from Carl Blixt there’s also the following characters in this scenario:

Werner Blitz:

Weapons: Power Maul and Galacto Blaster

Robot Renegade Leader:
No skills

Weapons: Two energy pistols

 Robot Renegades:

No skills

Weapons: Mixed guns and blunts objects

Setup: A larger settlement with a central store house


Carl Blixt and Werner Blitz have to stop Commander Algol and his Robot mercenaries from entering the ware house and stealing a crate packed with Painite.

If both ISF members are taken out of the fight, the Commander also wins as the scrunts will scurry off.

Werner Blitz is keeping his guard up watching over the storage building
 On the roofs of the compound 4 Texan Scrunts from the Dubbya sector are keeping a watchful eye on the horizon.
 Carl Blixt has arrived.
 Silence before the storm . Not a sound is heard and not a wind moves and yet a tumble weed still rolls by.

 On the hill near by Algol and his men are reconnoitring

I rolle a 5 to see which table edge I arrived from. Due to reconnaissance I was allowed to modify this by 4 up or down, but it was already perfect. 
 The Commander charges in
 Over the cooling system the top of Werner Blitz’s head is clearly visible. It will be a hard shot, but the Robots take the chance any way as they’re so many and so confident. 
Sure enough, they manage to blow the back of Blitz to smithereens. His hero days are over!

 On the other side of the board the other group of Robots are trying to lure out the defenders.
 A Scrunt pops up from behind his cover and nails two Robots with his SMG.

The Scrunt is a sturdy bugger and in no intention of giving up. The bots keep falling to his shots. 
But eventually he ducks back and the two Bots spurt forwards!
 Algol has reached the warehouse but in a fit of greed he forgets about everything else and places him self with his back exposed!
 Blixt is still quite a far way away and no immediate danger to the Commander.
 The two remaining Robots on the other hand are not that lucky. Carl Blixt is en route to finish their misery.
The two Robots that made a run for it are now in safety by their commander, who is about to enter the building. 
 Another scrunts decides to duck back and wait for a less pressing moment to resurface

The commander is working the lock on the warehouse
 The Scrunt finally gathers his courage and jump forward! Only to find swift reflexes to be his end, when the Robot fires back before the Scrunt even reaches to the trigger.
 Carl Blixt is blissfully unaware. 

Algol manages to get inside the warehouse and quickly snatches up a crate of what must be Painite
Robots hiding in the space between buildings fearing the anger of Carl Blixt

IN the end Blixt managed to get around the corner but sadly passed (or rather made a Cheat Death disappearance) in the shoot out with Commander Algol. After this all the remaining Scrunts ran off to safety.

The Commander got away with a crate of precious Painite and even had the luxury of being able to gather the dead Robots for spare parts.

I liked the Chain Reaction III system overall. There are some definitive downs to it though. Especially the In sight system and the recover from knock down thing seems rather nonsensical at times but we went along with it for this game as it was the first.

I think we’re going to make our own damage table and rule that people in cover with heavy weapons get a bonus on in sight reactions… it just doesn’t make sense that a MMG gunner flees at the mere sight of an enemy.


  1. Thats a great looking game, nice work. I dont know exactly what draws me to space cowboys, but it just works for some reason.



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