Murder in The Cozy Wozy Forest

 I painted a few of the Splintered Lands 15mm (well that’s what they call them) fantasy figures a couple of years ago for a convention project. I finally managed to take some photos of them!

 It never really took off and I didn’t really finish it as I had planned. Never did the village I was supposed to do.

 I think the figures are very good though and that the idea I have in my mind would work out just fine. I used the Songs of The Splintered Lands rules from Ganesha Games iniatially but I’m not sure whether or not I will use them for this project in the future. I want just ever so slightly more miniatures in my games than Songs genrally offer.

I really enjoy the Songs mechanism and the gamey feel the game gives. So maybe some extra rules to allow for more miniatures or something.. . I don’t know – and I’m not in any hurry. Haha!

My idea was to have two factions:

The Druid and his Children.. basically all the cosy wosy talking animals of the Forest united under the Druid’s banner, ready to protect the forest from the evil minions of the Witch.

The other faction would be the Witch and her goblins. There are some really cool Bob Olley sculpts in there among the goblins and I’m definitely going to get me some more.. I still very much want to see this through. 

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