Some time ago I asked:

As it turns out, the solution to that equation is…. A cybergiraf! Yup, sure, they are out there, looming in the future. Make sure you tell your grandchildren.

I was going a bit for Victorian Sci-fi feel for the wirering and the implants, with big hoses and clunky, bulky implants. I went all out star-wars on the controll panel. The round thing on the metal howdan is, in time, gonna contain a Cybergiraf commander, once I find the perfect miniature for it.

The hoses were made from tightly wrought coil, theres an old plasma-gun from GW inthere, and a good lot of plastic rod and sheet.

I personally find it very funny to see some WIP pictures, so heres a few for ya.

I regret to admit that I forgot to snap a shot of the giraf before I cut it up. But these will have to do.


  1. This is a most excellent idea!It would be perfect to land this as an alien enemy controlled superbeing in the steaming jungles of Victorian Africa!I believe more pictures and updates are called for at this blog. Thanks to Jens for reminding me!


  2. It remains unclear if the technological marvel is due to alien intervention or mankinds ingenuity. We shall have a look-see at said alien stand-in and decide then.In regards to Victors sci-fi, I just so happen to have a few xmas decoration glass-gadgets that would be perfect for one-person vic-sci-fi hot-air baloons, and I know for a fact that you bought stuff at the german Convention that you are dying to get to use. And also prove to yourself that that money was indeed not wasted =D


  3. Strange!How can you possibly know that I'm contemplating such things?! Hot air balloons of pure steel are indeed on my list of to do things!I just thought of another purpose for you cyraffe – perhaps evil automatons CONTROLLED by aliens are the controllers of it?



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