Future Spider Commander

Yet another game of FWC at Random Encounters HQ:

Torben had dug out his 15mm sci-fi infantry from Ground Zero Games and I found some halloween spiders, that I’d put on suitable bases to form an alien spider army.
I used the tyranid list to proxy as I’ve not written my own list for them yet.
Torben used the Stargrunt/Dirtside list that has stats for all GZG figures.
I totalled my arachnids up to 1625 points and we used that as basis for the lists. Torben actually managed to land exactly on 1625 too – all fair!
My army was:
15 minispiders (lictors)
3 big spiders (malefactors)
1 tank beetle (biotitan)
1 plasma bug (shooting tyranid titan)
Torben had:
6 power armour stands
2 transports
1 AT-gun
A lot of regular infantry
Some rangers
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I deployed my entire army via tunnels… meaning I got to deploy in base contact with Torbens units. Had we been more experienced Torben would probably have kept most of his army in reserve or used mobile deployment or given me 1st turn.. this way he lost immediatly!
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The scenario was some colonization mission where Torben had to deploy in center via orbital deployment and contact each base edge and return with intel to the center. Really nice mission actually.

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The arachnids close in… It was kind of hopeless for Torben. But we couldn’t have known it before trying… and so we did – next time I bet I won’t have that easy a kill.

Torben and I have had many science fiction games using bugs on one side and somehow it seems that as soon as I play the bugs… luck immediatly favors me and kills Torben.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We had a thoroughly good time with laughs, taunts and buckets of dice. FWC made soooo much more sense in this scale I think.


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