Satans Claws

I ran a so-called Christmas Game this year at FROB in Århus. It was based on a scenario I’d written called “Santas Claws”.

With me I had Frede Jensen and Søren Husum who had wagered their souls in trying out how deep the madness of my composition would be.

They both played specialist survivor forces – Team Alpha and Team Epsilon. The world was wartorn and rather shabby.

It was good ol’e time and much rejoicement was had.

Here are a few shots from the game:

Start of the game – The quit little survivor settlement of Pleasant Ville

Frede startet out. He took his blue range rover and drove off the road into the snow in order to go into the city “from behind”.
Søren opted for the direct approach and drove his animal ambulance straight down the road. Hu Jintao and Mikael Bolton jumped out in order to secure the immediate perimeter.

Villagers started appearing soon afterwards. They seemed to be walking rather awkwardly almost as if something was stuck up their behind. Frede paid no heed to this – seeing the mission as one of elimination rather than saving – and tried to drive down a couple of inhabitants.
Søren opted for the more humane approach. Much to his disappointment the civilians seemed to be in a frenzy and in no way cooperative. He started to shoot instead.

Duke Shootem entered a shed near the table edge. Inside he found a poor old geezer strapped to a wheelchair crying for help. Duke surrendered his next to turn escorting the civilian to the back of the range rover. After a brief talk with the driver – Jack Shennandoe – Duke concluded that the chair had to go.. Otherwise it would take up vital space.

Hu Jintao also tried to save a civilian in the other end of the settlement. As luck would have it Hu spoke an almost influent english and thus could not make his intentions clear to the poor survivor. A hand to hand combat broke out, ending with Hu strapping the poor sods hands behind his back and escorting him out.

In the meantime John Smith had found himself a porsche. Driving like a maniac he raced to the main road going through town. Always the competitor John went for a foul, shooting his stengun at Hu and his captive as they exited a building. Hu was knocked down, but his REP was higher than Johns and thus he wasn’t killed. (GM descision)

The civilian was a bit hesitant but finally got into Johns porsche.

Nearby Boris Karloff was scurrying through an old shed believing it to be vacant. His mighty power armour was so rusty that it squeked enough to call in three zombie villagers whom he gunned down in one swift move. He wont on to find a chainsaw hidden in the back of the shed.

Victor Waldheim had entered the roof of the L-shaped building. With discomfort he noticed that the gunfire was attracting even more of the overwhelmingly oddlooking villagers. His tore one apart with his pumpgun, took a quick puff on his cigar and slammed in the door of the barbuilding.

To his amazement 6 zombievillagers and Santa himself greeted him with a warm “Hohoho!”. Realising the magnitude of thigns Victor quickly exited the building again. Santa was in hot pursuit though. Victor got off a reaction shot that knocked Santa to the ground. He wasn’t dead though. And when he got up he sliced Victor with a knife and put his head in the sack. Victor was down.

Next Santa rolled to see where he went. Duke Shootem was overlooking the whole thing from the roof of the barbuilding and Santa wanting to go pay a visit to the Duke. It was a quick unfair scrawl that left Duke beheaded.

Next santa jumped onto the balcony and then onto the road. Unfortunently his move ended in the middle of the road – right in front of a speeding animal ambulance.

Djessareese ran over Santa like a steamtrain through butter. Sadly though, he lost control of the ambulance in all the exitement and ran it right in to a gas truck. Both the passenger Mikael Bolton and Djessareese was killed in the crash.

By now team alpha were trying to get out of the city. The porsche with John Smith – who had just tried to run over Boris Karloff – with a rescued survivor. And in the blue range rover was Jack Shennandoe who had had quite a bit of luck just running over zombies in his car. Jack still had the old wheelchair guy with him, so that was 2 survivors for team alpha.

As a final goodbye team alpha sprayed the gas truck with bullets rolled for fire, and rolled two 6’s igniting it, making for a big blast!

Hu Jintao and Boris Karloff were by now trying to escape the mayhem but had about 20 zombies on their tails. An old repair truck seemed their only hope. Mikael Bolton had in the meantime returned from the dead, as a gifthungering zombie.

It was an epic struggle… especially so as Boris was left for dead, two zombies climbed the truck, Hu got it moving, fought of the two zombies entering through rearwindow and got away, as the last survivor on team Epsilon.

That’s the short version of our game. Hope you enjoyed it!

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