40K Trench War

Yesterday I went to my buddy Steen to play gothic and 40k. Steen had done some realyl nice terrain boards which hadn’t seen their first bloody battles yet.

We played three games of 40k in total.. never got around to play gothic.
We played cleanse, take & hold and secure & control. We did not use Victory Points as that pretty much eliminates half the game.

Steen had a nice Imperial Guard Preatorian Army which he used for the first game. It quickly became evident that the terrain was in my favor being an ork. First game was quick and brutish and didn’t leave much space to stand and shoot.. which was all too bad for the preatorians.

The boards were highly detailed with plenty of cool touches.. The centerpiece was a large lake which actually made a chimera’s ability to move across water worth something!

Steen changes to his necron army for the last two games. Good chioce! The battles were fierce and close.. In the end I got off rather good. My ability to roll nothing but 5’s and 6’s was a deciding factor. Not using VP also gave me a better chance of hanging in.

A great day!


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