The Adeptus Tintin

It’s been a while since my last post but none the less I’ve been very busy!

First of all – taking all my time – my Peter Pig World War 1 miniatures have arrived! I’ve been all over them the last day or two. They’re really great looking and I’m just getting more and more into the whole 15mm thing! It looks great, it’s grand and it’s affordable!

Well today I finished up a display “dish” for Epic and some Adeptus Mechanicus leman russ tanks too. They’re really old and they sort of remind me of something Hergé did in some of his albums.

Other than that I’ve been doing some more Warmachine minis too. Or rather – minis FOR warmachine. It’s my evil cossack guard I’m talking about – they’ve been based and are ready for paint.

I’ve also finished some Man O War shock troopers, and most of you will probably not have a clue about why I’ve painted them this way… try thinking out of the box – it’s khador, it’s cold – so I took down that road instead of the red like russia thing.


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