Into the Void

I always thought that there was something about the Void models.

Their simplicity reminds me of 2nd ed Warhammer 40.000 models.
They still have that slight ironic comedy thing going about them. There’s no hint of anything dark or gothic.

I like it! Hehe. And I talked my friend Christian into buying a Koralon Arakterex so before he know’s it we’ll probably be trying it out in a game of void.. because I’ve maybe gotten my hands on no less than 3 behemoths, 2 terrasaurs and a HOST of marines!

Here’s some pictures of the models I’m talking about. Their simpler than the GW detail we’re oh so used to, but man… they’re BIG! Takes me back to when I played with G.I. Joe action figures some years ago. (hehe)

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