That time of year…

Well once again I find my self going from one place to another with no real point to it… I probably won’t get much painting or playing done once I’m off..

It’s only three months since our last move, making it the third this year!

I won’t have internet in the place I’m moving to and there’s no epic players there either as Warmachine has been a big hit,.. The appartment we’re moving to is only 58 square metres, so I’ve promised that I won’t bring along my minis.. except for one case of already painted ones.

So it’ll probably be an interesting time for me. I’ll have to learn to do other things.. things like going to the town to have a cup of coffee and speak intellectually with other halfbald people. NAAAAAAH! I’ll just buy packs of stuff and store them on the roof until we get a bigger place! HAH!

With the baby coming this summer we hope to find a house or something up in the area around Århus but I just don’t know if it’s possible.

Well – till next time – may the dice be with you!

Yours truly,

Thorbjørn Nielsen


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