Chaos Slavers

During the last few days I’ve had an idea for a new armylist for 40K I wanna do.

It’s called The Chaos Slavers and is basically a chaos warband with a lot of ork, eldar and human slaves to act as meat shields.

So today after getting thoroughly beat by Spicker in Epic (I played Space Marines – kind of like sleeping with the enemy! Except it being more like a rape… I HATE SM!)

So far I’ve written ver. 1.0 of the list and it looks like this:


Chaos Lord

Chaos Chosen


Mutated Slaves


1.Enslaved Species – Squad consist of a number of Chaos Warriors nudging around either Ork, Eldar or Human slaves.

2.Grot Slaves as in codex orks

3.Warriors of Chaos – as in codex chaos but with no marks allowed.

Fast Attack:

Ork Beast Boyz – same as ork boar boyz

Scavenged Sentinel – sentinel but may use 40pts worth of chaos upgrades

Chaos Raptors – the same as in…

Heavy Support:

Restrained Alien Monster – a bit like the goblin fanatic in fantasy.. only monstrous size and a lot less predictable

Ork Livestock: Squigs, Boarz, Snotlings and Squiggoths – Ork use all of nature in their warfare!

Chaos Defiler: How can it be chaos if this ain’t in it?

The whole list with descriptions is actually done and ready to load up,.. but I haven’t really got a place to do it.. so I’ll just leave it be! 🙂


  1. Good riddance! I got an email saying that a comment had been made on my blog.. hehe! Oh well – the LATD could be used any day. I guess I just wanted to make up something back in the day. hehe.



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