Gorgants Nose Tribe! WFRP Goblings!

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play – the best roleplaying system and world I’ve ever played in/with.

These gobbos are meant to participate in a campaign we’re playing at the moment. So far the players have travelled over the Worlds Edge Mountains down south near the Plain of Bones.

The land just before the plains is like a minefield with orcoid settlements and the players moved through the landscape very carefully! They judgeg that sneaking past a distinctively goblin settlement would be the most lifesparing plan.. unfortunantly they were a bit too enthusiastic about the whole thing and overrated their own battle prowes!

A swirling melee later and they had all been taken captives by the Gorgant Nose Tribe.

The gobbos in the picture are all from this very tribe. They are meant to capture the very dark and gothic look of the WFRP world.. well – the real warhammer world if you ask somebody like me. The one where Karl Franz is a big phony and a cover-up and nothing like the High Fantasy world portrayed in the miniatures game (which is a great game in fact.. but the background is not nearely as intrigueing as the role play!)

Further more I’ve tried to use a lot of different goblings as I think that the current GW range is a bit too uniform.. they all have the same faces and generally look nothing like the old Kev Adams models which I really love (and constantly seach for on ebay)


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