My Kingdom for a Fortress!

Something very weird has happened – a whole new feeling – I’ve lost my first battle of Epic Armageddon!!! It was using the Speed Freaks armylist against the impetous FIRST TIME Imperial Guard player Spicker or Spook as he’s sometimes called.

I of course claim it to be a game of “first time luck”.. but next weekend we’re at it again, and I’ll have to win, not to lose face!

Initially I started working on the above fortress as part of my deff skull lootas for my coming (I do use that term quite often.. I’ve got no less than 9 coming armies 8-S) but as I learned of the speed freaks theyt suddenly turned red.

The painjobs are coming along nicely and I’ve just finished the basic red job today.

The top one is made from a land raider and a rhino with some sprueframes things glued on here and there..

The second is made from a Micromachines M101 APC glued to pieces! This took quite some time as a lot of plasticcard was involved too.. The “rivets” are made with a hot needle.

Hopefully these babies will be ready for whacking some Guards next weekend!


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