Adeptus Mechanicus – Titan Legions

Yes yes.. here we are – didn’t get to Nifcon as I got ill on the way there! Arild must have been contagious!

Anyway – since I’ve got nothing to do I’ve started working on my titan legions army. I got 2 reavers, 1 warlord, 2 warhounds and a host of knights & robots!

Jervis has mentioned something about robots not being entirely imperial which I think is a shame… Apparently the Emperor does not sanction the use of thinking robots! Pixelgeek made a suggestion that the robots should merely represent advanced servitors of some sort, which by me would be just fine..

Other alternatives to being reel robot could be remote controlled walkers, drones or dreadnoughts made from old demised tech priests.

The remote might be the easiest approach as they would be entirely robotic and wouldn’t need anything special.. their initiative should perhaps be a bit poorer as the controller is not in the midst of it all. A bit like those eldar wraithguards.

The drones could be “weak” computer programmes about as advanced as those lawmmower robots you can buy today. I could think of a few interseting ways a squad of these could function with perhaps a special rule for “programme freeze” (they’re bound to use windows).

The last one is the one that intrugues me the most.. I got no clue whatsoever as to what it should do on the battlefield, but I think the thought of honouring tech priests in this way would be cool!

There’s been some discussion as to whether the knights should have Damage Capacity points or not.. so I made this comparison. I think the pictures speak for themselves – they’re almost as big as warhounds, and those get 3 DC and some shields!! I think knights would have that too.. espescially so if it’s a real important lord or baron inside it!


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