Tooth and Claw

Today I’ve started the work on my tyranids. Actually I should be painted my 40K Black Legion space marines for a coming tournement, but after playing a game and winning with them, I realised what a crappy game 40K can be when you’re used to a little less hack and slash game like epic.. so my motivation kind of got sucked out! And here I am doing my nids!

I have to be honest that I have a really hard time figuring out how to do the army list for the nids. I’m especially in doubt when it comes to supporting broods. All other broods give themselves away as I only have just the amount I need to fill the 25% limits..

For the synapse I think I’m going with only hive tyrants and warriors. The Dominatrix and harridan/vituporator models are cool, but I just think the idea of a lot of tyrants suits me a lot more! Besides with 3 tyrants in a 4000 pt game I won’t be on the low end of synapses.. and of course the last 250 will be synapse nodes.. as soon as I find a 40k Nid player willing to give up some bits!

The supporting broods will probably be lictors to use with the nodes and some ex,… erhm excetopratiarators.. exhutiecetarators!? whatever – the big biovores.. 4 of them and some Zoanthropes (AA) and then add up with more biovores!

I haven’t played using Tyranids yet, but I definantly think the list looks like it has potential to behave in a very different way than any of the other lists.. Which infinently is very cool!


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