Ork Special House Rules


An Ork special House Rule from the Hall of the Random Encounters!

Orks are really a competative race where only the strongest survive… No warboss would ever slow down his entire warband of battlewagonz just because some weedy gitz got their ride blown up and had to walk!

Mekkanized Warbands (warbands were all units have the option of being transported) Special Rule:If a transport unit is destroyed and the units it transported survives, the rest of the warband is allowed to “ditch” these units so that the whole warband won’t be slowed to 15cm speed. Ditching the units means that the units are removed from play but that the formation does not recieve any blastmarkers for it.


Weird boyz channels the great Waaagh energy created by the psyched ork boyz mobs in to powerful bolts of energy able to smash even large war machines!! However – the energy is entirely dependant on how many orks are in the mob.. the more boyz the more blast!

Can be used by weird boyz in formations containing boyz (wildboyz, boyz, nobz and madboyz all count as boyz). The Gaze of Mork is a macro weapon but it’s range and strenght is entirely dependant on how psyched up the Ork mob is. Count the number of boyz units and deduct the number of blast markers on the formation:

1-5: range:15 MW6+

6-10: range:30 MW5+

11-15: range:45 MW4+

16-20: range:60 MW3+

20+: range 75 MW2+


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